New Office/Lotus connector



I have been using outlook since the beginning and have developed many
customized features. When I joined a new company that was on the
lotus platform, I used the lotus connector to "fit in" with the
serveer infrastructure. This worked pretty well.

Now they have forced an upgrade to the latest in Lotus as well as
office 2007. Problem is that the MS lotus connector is not being
upgraded to 2007 (please confirm?). Also, I have found that Word 2007
mail merge doesn't work with Outlook XP. So I cannot selectively
upgrade to Word 2007, while keeping Outlook XP and the Lotus
connector. The new Lotus platform does not seem to pose a problem.

I have viewed on other posts that installation of the Domino server
with the Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook is the solution, but
this installation has not worked for me so far. The installation
directions given suggested some changes to the Path variable, which I
tried, but failed.

My machine is Windows XP.

I pray to the group that someone can give me detailed help with this
problem, or maybe has some relevant experiences to share.

Best regards,




Diane Poremsky

At this time, Microsoft is not planning on releasing an updated connector. I
have no idea if Domino will.

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