New .mdb file created when Compacting .accdb file




I have set the front end of our database to compact on close. This feature
works great for many users however we have one user's front end that upon
close, results in a new compacted version of their front end but as a .mdb
format rather than the standard .accdb format that we all use.

I cannot figure out how this is happening - everyone has Access 2007 and so
I am wondering whether I have missed a vital setting that this one user needs
to have changed.

Any help much appreciated!



In the Access Options, under the 'Popular' choice, there is a setting called
'Default file format'. My guess is that this value has been set to something
other than 'Access 2007'.

Clifford Bass

Hi Steve,

That should not make any difference. Mine is set to Access 2002-2003
and I have not experienced that issue with any Access 2007 databases set to
compact on close.

Clifford Bass

Clifford Bass

Hi Sarah,

Don't know if it will help: Try turning off all Name AutoCorrect
Options on the Current Database part of the Access Options. It is notorious
for causing trouble.

Clifford Bass

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