New Graphic Card



I am using Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2,
i want to know which Graphic Card will best work on my board that
could support complete Dx9 features.
I can spend <= $100 for that card.



Bob Knowlden

Even if you don't intend to do business with them, I suggest using the video
card power search at

The D845GEBV2 has a 1.5V 4X AGP slot, so I suggest selecting an AGP 4X/8X
card. (I think they will all be compatible with a 1.5V slot, even if they
are intended for 0.8V.)

Choose DX9 functionality as well. If you want to support the Aero interface
on Windows Vista, check the Vista-ready box. (That'll require that the card
have DX9 support, and at least 128 MB of graphics memory.)

Cards based on the nVidia 5200 chip are supposed to be fully DX9 compliant,
but they are at the low end of the performance scale. I'm not sure what card
would have the best performance within your budget, but you can make a rough
comparison of performance based on the product of the core clock frequency
and number of pixel pipelines.

At the high end of your budget are cards based on the nVidia 7600GS chip or
the ATI Radeon X1650. These may be of interest mainly if you are trying to
improve performance in games.


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