New fact about "path is too deep"



I've been attempting to copy files to a directory on the network,
using Windows Explorer from Windows XP Professional, and have been
having problems.

I kept getting either the "the path is too deep" error, or the "the
network name is no longer available" error. The file whose copying was
claimed to have failed due to the error always had actually been

As a workaround, I tried mapping the network destination to a drive
letter, and using XCOPY from the command window.

I still ended up with an error, but that error was:

"File creation error - The semaphore timeout period has expired."

It is possible that this is a better error message, and identifies the
actual underlying issue.

John Savard


'Path too deep' normally arises when someone uses Explorer to move one
folder inside another. Explorer has no checks for path-length violations in
these circumstances.

Though, your problem sounds more like this:

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