new contact group not available in toolbar



On one of my computers, Vista Home Premium, Sp1, in Windows Mail, Contact
folder, there are no buttons for New Contact, or New Contact Group on the
Toolbar. I cannot find an option for customizing the Toolbar. However on
two other Vista Home Premium SP1, there are on the Toolbar, buttons for
Organize, View, Open, E-Mail, New Contact, New Contact Group, Edit, Delete.
How can I restore these buttons on the problem computer? One additional
fact, on the two computers that have the above buttons, in the Contact
Folder, there are two sub folders: contactcoll.cache and my personal email
address. On the computer missing the above buttons, there is my complete
contact group, individually listed. Help! TIA. Jef


(boilerplate reply).....

When you have the Contacts folder open, you should have a button on the
toolbar for "New Contact", "New Contact Group", Import" and "Export". If
you don't see these buttons, the folder template got changed, as it
sometimes does...

Right-click on a blank area of the right pane, and select "Customize this
In the pull-down box, select "Contacts"


I spoke too soon. I followed your instructions, and reformatted the tool
bar and the buttons reappeared. However, when I later tried to set up some
groups, and clicked on the button. There was a click and a flash, but
nothing appeared further so that I could set up the group. Any ideas?


That did the trick, Shawn. I had Windows Live Mail as my default e mail
program. But the new Beta version played havoc with my e
mailing...especially the Contacts, which kept disappearing, so I thought I'd
set up Windows Mail and give it another see if the bugs I
experienced when it first came out have been corrected. About the only thing
in Windows Live Essentials I'm interested in is the Mail program. Thanks
for your help. Jef

Gary VanderMolen

Go to Tools, Options, and on the General tab uncheck "Use
newsgroup message rating features". It's a very buggy feature
that everyone should disable.

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