creating a contact group



I need to create contact groups.
In the Help for Windows Mail it says:
"Contact groups are designed to be used with Windows Mail, and are sometimes
called mailing lists.

Click to open Windows Contacts.

On the toolbar, click New Contact Group, type a name in the Group Name box,
and then fill in the boxes on the Contact Group tab and Contact Group
Details tab. You don't have to fill in all the boxes; just type as much
information as you want about the new contact group you are creating."

When I open Windows Contacts it shows all my contacts but I do not see any
toolbar where there is a "New Contact Group" to choose. And right clicking
in the middle only appears the option to create a new contact. Not a contact
I do have Windows Vista Ultimate.
Will someone help me?
Thank You.

Gary VanderMolen

Sometimes the Contacts folder has the wrong folder type.
Open Windows Contacts. Right-click somewhere in that
empty white space to the far right. Select Customize This Folder,
click the little triangle, and from the dropdown list select Contacts,
then Apply, OK, then close the Contacts window and open it again.

Tom Folchi

Thank you very much. I could not get this information from the Windows web

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