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NEW at The Freeware Publishing Site

Madness Inc. 29/08/2005 Games
Madness Inc. is quite simply a brilliant game. In basic terms it is an
extremely difficult (and ultra-violent) side-scrolling shoot 'em up
with beat 'em up elements thrown in. You control the game with both
the mouse (used for weapon control) and the keyboard (used for moving
about the screen). Inc.

3D Solar System 3.8 29/08/2005 Miscellaneous
A rolling advanced 3D solar system with all the planets and some big
moons orbit. If you have a very fast computer - set 'True
Worlds'-option 'On', and you will not be disappointed. You can
manually select view of planet or moon and the camera takes you there.
It includes options like 'Freeze All', 'Height of view', 'Orbit speed
/ Distance', 'Light and Shadow on/off', 'Atmosphere on/off', 'Rotation
speed', 'Bank Angle', 'Model scale' and 'Zoom scale'. Support 800x600
up to 1600x1200 GFX resolution. Solar System 3.8

MaiLandeR grade 1-1 29/08/2005 Mail Clients
MaiLandeR is an unique E-Mail Client which designed to be small and
portable. The fast and easy solution for people accessing E-Mail from
many PC (Office, School, Internet Cafe, etc.) and want to read and
manage it at home. Just download the E-Mail with MaiLandeR from Online
PC (Office, School, Internet Cafe, etc.), Export the E-Mail into a
files, bring it home, and import it with MaiLandeR. Do the reverse way
to send E-Mails. grade 1-1

Audioblast 29/08/2005 Graphics Utilities
Audioblast is a program to edit sounds. The program works with
WAV-files, but can also open and save MP3 and WV.

The program is a little slow, but it can do really cool things with
your sounds.

Link Checker Free Edition 29/08/2005 Browser Utilities
Link Checker is a tool for webmasters. It could help you load and
extract all of the hyper links from a website, a local or online page.
Check if the links are broken and check the PageRank for each link. A
Google API account is not needed. Checker Free Edition

PDF Bundle 29/08/2005 Graphics Utilities
Attach any file to your existing PDF document. Bundle

PDF Version Converter 1.0 29/08/2005 Graphics Utilities
Every PDF file is created according to a specification. This
specification has evolved from version 1.0 to version 1.6. This
freeware utility enables you to convert PDF files between different
versions. Version Converter 1.0

PDF Thumbnail Generator 29/08/2005 Graphics Utilities
Create thumbnail for your existing PDF files.

Thumbnail can be generated from a bitmap (.BMP) or a JPEG (*.JPG) or
even a EMF (Encapsulated Meta File).

When thumbnails are created and embedded into your PDF files, you will
see the thumbnails displayed on the left column of your PDF Reader or
Viewer (usually Adobe Reader).

With this freeware utility, you can decide whether to show thumbnails
when PDF file is opened. Thumbnail Generator

PDF Watermark Creator 29/08/2005 Graphics Utilities
Add a watermark (texts such as DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL, or even your
company's name) to PDF files quickly and easily. Watermark Creator

Tweak PDF 29/08/2005 Graphics Utilities
The initial view of a PDF document can be tweaked. Is it a secret of
PDF file? Well, we are not sure about this, and very few pieces of
software can tweak PDF files.

You can even tweak PDF version from 1.0 to 1.5 for compatibility
concerns, and shrink PDF files by setting the compression level and
choosing the compression algorithm. PDF

Free PDF Compressor 1.12 29/08/2005 File Utilities
Compress PDF file and reduce the actual size of PDF document with this
completely free PDF Compressor. Free PDF Compressor removes duplicate
PDF objects, optionally takes advantage of new compression features of
latest PDF specifications. PDF Compressor 1.12

iNetFormFiller Freeware 29/08/2005 Browser Plug-ins
Stores private data and fills web-forms automatically. Record and play
clicks on web-links. Possibility to edit forms without page loading.
Subject profiles, intellectual bind of user profile fields to the
fields of online forms. Batch mode enabled Freeware

Burning Words Screensaver 29/08/2005 Screen Savers
Ever wondered how to be aimed at your goals all the time? Or, perhaps,
are looking for ways to express your feelings? May be just want your
friends to know what you're thinking about? Burning Words Screensaver
is here to help you. Words Screensaver

Vladstudio Companion 29/08/2005 Desktop Utilities
Vladstudio Companion changes your desktop background with Vladstudio
wallpapers downloaded in random order. Or, just double-click the tray
icon to get new random wallpaper anytime! Companion

Net Picker 29/08/2005 Network Utilities
NetPicker gives you an easy way to save and organize information from
the web. Featuring an intuitive interface, NetPicker allows you to
select and save a portion of the web page by dragging it from your
browser. Picker

NSIS 2.09 28/08/2005 System Tools
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a tool that allows
programmers to create such installers for Windows. It is released
under an open source license and is completely free for any use. 2.09

AScrape 28/08/2005 Miscellaneous
AScrape is a simple eBay auction monitoring tool for Microsoft Windows
98/ME/2000/XP. Enter eBay item numbers or sellers to load auctions
into AScrape. AScrape will monitor items at specified intervals
allowing you to keep an eye on your auctions!

AMP Font Viewer 3.70 28/08/2005 Miscellaneous
This program is an easy to use but powerful font manager, which allows
getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. It
can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories. Font Viewer 3.70

The Virtual Privacy Machine 28/08/2005 Miscellaneous
Carry your entire Internet communication system on a tiny USB drive.

Contains a complete virtual Linux machine with privacy-enabled Open
Source Internet applications.

Carry your Internet applications, email, bookmarks, history, web
cookies, download files in your pocket. Virtual Privacy Machine

Easy Radio 1.3 28/08/2005 Multimedia
Listen live to over 30000 radio stations on your PC! Desktop Radio
brings radio to your computer without having extra hardware installed
in your computer.
Desktop radio comes with many pre-installed radio stations for you to
No difficult setup to struggle with, just install and listen to the
radio. Radio 1.3

THE FREEWARE PUBLISHING SITE offers a collection of the best freeware
for WINDOWS. The software presented is no shareware or commercial
demoware. But real FREEWARE. Every day new Freeware is presented,
Check here the NEW link. If you are looking for something special, you
can SEARCH this site by keywords.
If you are a freeware author, feel free to PUBLISH your software to
the World Wide Web. The link to your program should appear on the top
of the New Freeware Online, and will also be published on the page of
the category chosen. If the software is already on-line you can UPDATE
to a newer version.

John Fitzsimons

NEW at The Freeware Publishing Site

Link Checker Free Edition 29/08/2005 Browser Utilities
Link Checker is a tool for webmasters. It could help you load and
extract all of the hyper links from a website, a local or online page.
Check if the links are broken and check the PageRank for each link. A
Google API account is not needed.


* Maximum 100 links."

More like crippleware, demoware, liteware than freeware.

Regards, John.
,-._|\ (A.C.F FAQ)
/ Oz \ John Fitzsimons - Melbourne, Australia.

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