New accessibility program ?



Hello everybody,

1/ The problem

In Windows XP Home, on the welcome screen, you see "please click on your
name" on the left, and the list of users on the right.

From time to time, I have "please click on your name" on the left, but
nothing on the right.

Not that easy to (re)open a session.

Sometimes, with ctrl alt del, I have a dialog box to type a username and
a password, but not always.

2/ How it eventually works

When the screensaver displays, and then disappears after a mouse action,
that gets the users list to come back. If not the first time, after
trying again it is good.

But ... As the screensaver is set to appear after 10 minutes, I have to
wait 10 minutes to be able to use my machine again (and, sometimes,
several times).

3/ So, what to do ?

I should like to have a shorter delay for the screensaver on the welcome
screen than in the session.

I tried to launch a program from a CD to set a shorter time for the
screensaver : that works fine if the CD is inserted during a session,
but at that moment it is useless.

Can anybody tell me how to execute a CD on the welcome screen ?

Another solution I thought to, that could be even more handy : with
[Windows] U, you can open the dialog box for the accessibility programs,
that proposes you the keyboard on the screen, the magnifying glass (is
my translation correct ?), and the speech automate (free translation).

4/ The question

Is it possible to add a program of my composition in the accessibility
dialog box ?

Considering the checkboxes, it seems it would be very easy for it to set
a different time for the screensaver, between the welcome screen and the

[I wrote to two specialized newsgroups, but one contains two threads,
and the other one nothing ; so I thought I had more chances to join
somebody in a reasonable time in the general newsgroup ...
Followup-to microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize]

[This is a supersedes as I made a typo in the path of the general
newsgroup ; occasion to correct the previous paragraph]

"invalid." is not part of my address ;)

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