Network Printer Problem with one PC


Eddann A.

Good day guys!

There is this one PC in our small office that cannot use any network
printers but can print on local shared printers. I tried reinstalling the
printer driver but it is saying that the printer is not detected. i also
tried pinging the IP address of the network printer and it is responding. The
user said that the problem arose when they started to install bitdefender. i
uninstalled the software but im still experiencing the same problem. i hope
you can help me on this one. the OS of the PC is same as the others in the
office, Win XP home. thanks a lot.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

How many PCs in the office? If more than 5, you're running into the
connection limitation of XP Home. Moving to XP Pro gives you 10
simultaneous connections, moving to Vista Pro gives you the same, moving to
Windows 7 Pro (when available) gives you 20.

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