Network printer conundrum...



Windows 2000sp4 workstation connected to FreeBSD 6.2 via Samba 3.0

I can add a network printer, (called windowsprint) attached to server
bramley, using the Add Printer wizard but cannot print. When I use the
Print Test Page button I get an error message which offers to run the
print troubleshooter.

I have basic network connectivity, [Start]->[Run] \\bramley opens a
window showing the shares available, Ping works both ways by name and
address. I can copy files in both directions. Printing works on the
server. The Samba tests all run OK. I can see the printers shared by
Samba in the Add Printer wizard dialogue.

However when I try c:\>net use \\bramley\windowsprint I get 'error
67 message network name cannot be found'

Any sugggestions AT ALL? T. I. A.


Further information:

If I use the 'print to file' function, then copy the file to the
server and send it to the print queue, the file prints out correctly.

The error message from the 'Print Test Page' button says: ' Test page
failed to print. Would you like to view the print troubleshooter for
assistance? Unable to create a print job'

c:\> net view <server> returns the expected list
of shares.
c:\> net use n: \\<server\share> returns the expected command
completion message
c:\> net use lpt1: \\<server\printer> returns 'error 67 network
name cannot be found '

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