network connection fails with 2 nics enabled



I have a PC desktop running Win XP pro with 2 NICs. 1 nic is for my LAN
using DHCP. The other nic is fixed IP connected directly with a x-over cable
to another pc off the LAN. My internet connection fails when both nic are
enabled. If I disable the fixed ip nic, the internet connection works. I've
already set the 1st nic as the 1st in the search list under advance setting.
In general, it seems the internet explorer only looks at the second nic for
an internet connection when it is enabled. Any ideas?



Mark Dormer

Do you have a value set for the default gateway on the 2nd NIC.
If so remove it and leave it blank.

Feel free to add more info like the addresses, subnet masks, gateways
I am assuming you are using differnet subnets on each NIC

Mark Dormer

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