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Gregory A. Beamer

bhupesh sahu wrote in
My problem is that, "whan I install Visual Studio 2005 in my pc
instalation is going on but after some time an error display and
instalation is uncomlite. Error is "Error 1305 C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Visual
msi "
It is having a problem with Crystal Reports. If you do not use Crystal,
consider doing a custom install and removing Crystal from the install.

If you need Crystal, try copying the DVD to your local drive and running it
from there. If you have a problem copying CCRedist2005_x86, then you need
to try cleaning the DVD or seeing if there are any scratches. If you have
MSDN, you can download the ISO and install from there.

Peace and Grace,

Gregory A. Beamer (MVP)

Twitter: @gbworld
Blog: http://gregorybeamer.spaces.live.com

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