.NET Framework Update: Is it needed?



I am running XPHome, SP3, with all important security updates. I'm also
running IE6 (I'm aware that IE8 is the latest, but prefer IE6, and if I
want tabbed browsing, I use FFox) and FFox 3.5.7.

The following has just appeared in my Automatic Updates window:

"Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family
Update for .NET versions 2.0 through 3.5 (KB951847) x86"

If I go to Add/Remove programs, I see I have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

When I go to the Microsoft KB to see what this update fixes, I really don't
understand it. It also shows that this update has two known issues, both
of which have fixes.

I use my pc for general use, i.e. email, Word, Excel, browsing, OExpress 6,
and some photo/video applications. Do I really need to install this



..NET 2 and 3 are entirely separate packages. If you have 2.x installed you
should update it for the sake of security. If you don't have 3 installed and
everything works, then you don't need it.

It is of course possible you don't need either .net runtime, though the only
way to find out is to remove 2 and see what stops working.

BTW, using IE6 is the worst security risk you can take short of inviting a
malware-author to sit at your keyboard and do a bit of coding. Either upgrade
it or use something else.

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