.net framework installations



hi all. just a question. in my computer I have the following:

..net framework 1.1 -
..net framework 2.0 service pack 2 - 184 mb
..net framework 3.0 service pack 3 - 179 mb
..net framework 3.5 sp 1 - 28 mb

do i need all 4 of them ?? have an older computer and it's starting to run
slow, was wondering if i need both of the large framework programs.

Dec 7, 2007
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Hi, weeblzwabl. Some programs require different versions of .Net Framework. On my system I only have .Net Framework 2.0 SP2 installed. A program such as Paint.Net requires .Net Framework 3.5. Therefore it's just a matter of what programs you run that determines what version(s) of .Net Framework you need. Hope this helps.


These are all optional software. You only need a particular one if a
program needs it to operate. For example, TurboTax needs net framework 2.
I don't know of a comprehensive list of which programs need which
version(s). Thus, I just load them all.

If your computer is running slow (very subjective), it is very unlikely that
the presence on disk of any or all of them is the root cause.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

No, they're not. If you don't have an application installed that doesn't
need, e.g., .NET Framework 3.5, it wouldn't be installed and you wouldn't be
offer Service Packs or security updates for that version at Microft Update.



Actually, you aren't quite correct in what you say because Framework 2.0 has
something running which actually slows machines down. It's supposed to
catalogue things etc then exit. On slower machines it can take over 20
mins... On Technet is a way of removing this collection


PA Bear

What are you talking about?

..NET Framework 3.5 comes down in Windows Update & doesn't just get installed
if you have an application using it. If you have a WSUS server then you can
decline the update removing it if it exists...

This version of Framework is for those applications coded in it (ex. Visual
Studio 2008 applications use 3.5 as default). With Visual Studio 2010 it
uses .NET Framework 4.0 as default but you can code in 3.5... too

Maybe PA Bear with your answer you need to look up bootstappers on MSDN to
get a little knowledge on the subject. And maybe this is why you are a MVP
in IE because you definately have no idea of anything else & I doubt IE too.
You need reporting to: (e-mail address removed) because you really have no idea

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