Nero giving Invalid Media message


Ralph Mowery

My son installed a new cd-rw in his computer. It is an old AMD 450 mhz
version that I gave him. When I gave it to him we reformatted the hard
drive and installed win 98se. It was working fine before he installed the
cd-rw. the computer still works fine but the drive will not write.

It looks like all is going fine and then he gets the message "invalid
media". He has tried 2 differant kinds. Actually they are some I gave him.
One is part of a box of 50 cd-r that I had left and I also gave him a few
cd-rw discs. They both worked fine in my computer's cd-rw.




Hi Ralph.....I have a BENQ 32X that's been giving me the same sort of
problems. Fixation errors, won't see the media. I too thought it was bad
media (cheap crap) so I tried some verbatim and Maxell's..they helped for
about 6 burns then even they weren't seen. The CDRW will play commercial
audio and see commercial data(game install CD's etc) but will not burn or
pass the media info in nero.
I though also that nero may have an upgrade and will see if there is
mention. Another instance of this has happened the a Bud of mine. We both
sort of figured the drives are gone< but neither of US like to buy
disposable hardware both our drives are just over a year old, with average
use...(whatever that means..300+/- Burns). He gave up on his and picked up a
TDK veloCD 48X. Everything is working like a dream again. No change in his
nero version. Only beat your head against the wall for so long then give in,
the Computer gods will know you gave it every chance you could ;^)

Also both drives used 'seemless link' tech for underrun protection...I
....think...this is the newer form? and maybe there is a nero update.

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