Need to Repair Windows 2000 SP4



We currently own Windows Professional 2000 SP3 (CD). I am getting a message
that my "msiexec.exe" is corrupt. I have been told that it is the Microsoft
Installer Problem and that I need to repair Windows 2000. I loaded the CD in
my computer and am unable to use the repair feature due to my Windows 2000
has already been updated to the SP4.

What do I do now?

Leilani Brown
Lock Doc, Inc.
(e-mail address removed)


It is Windows Installer. You may not need to repair Windows. Here is how I
fixed it.

Disable the msiexec service.
Find and delete all copies of msiexec.exe. (Ignore Windows' whines.)
Go to Microsoft Update. It will tell you that you need to update Windows
Installer. Do it.

Alternatively, you could uninstall SP4 and then do the repair. That's not
elegant, though.


I deleted all the msiexec.exe files. Then ran Microsoft Update. It tried to
reinstall Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 but failed.

I resintalled/repair from Windows 2000 SP3. No luck on Windows Installer
3.1 still.

Now what?

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