need to convert saved .eml files



When using Windows Mail we had saved a bunch of emails to folders on the
C-drive (.eml). We recently bought a new PC running Windows 7 and Outlook
2007, and now can't open/read these saved messages because Oulook doesn't
recognize .eml files. Is there a way to convert these to .msg files, or is
there another way to open the saved .eml messages?
Thanks a lot

Steve Cochran

I would import the eml files on the old machine into Outlook and then you
can move the pst files to the new machine.

Otherwise see if there is an solution in the Outlook NGs as Gary suggested.



Yes, there is another safe way to convert .eml to .PST, .MSG moreover .EML file which allows you to open the stored emails of WM on Windows 7 with Outlook 2007. This is eventual Windows Live Mail Converter utility which is all in one, secured also straightforward to execute on all Win OS. You can get more details plus can make effort-


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