Need to automatically use the same feature as CTRL+' with my form

Nov 2, 2011
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Hi, i am new to this forum, i been using access for the past 2 months. I notice that i found my self using CTRL+' alot in the same procedure and i would like to stop doing that and have access do that same feature automatically.

Let me explain what i have,

i have a Table with a column for "Tech ID" and a column for "Serial Number" this table is use to track what equipment a tech takes (we track it with the serial number) I created a form that we use to check out equipment with a bar-code scanner. our process to fill in the form is to scan the Tech ID and then scan the Serial Number but our problem is that we have one tech take multiple items, so we have to repeat the same process from scanning the tech id every time we want to create a new record. what i want is somehow use the CTRL+' automatically for any new record (CTRL+' needs to only run on Tech ID field) this way i just need to scan the Tech ID once and scan the serial number as many times needed.

im not good at coding, i been learning all this access of google and videos.

Can anybody help me?:cry:

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