Access Need help in making asset history in my current database.

Jun 6, 2019
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I need help in my access database,
basically i have made a Asset Database management system for the company i am working for ,in which i have the data of the IT assets and the details of the assets and the person to whom it is alloted .
so i have made 2 forms in which one is to add a new asset form and other is the search form.
in the search form i have made a query which is linked to search form.
so i want to add one more feature to my database which is "History of assets" that means to whom the particular asset is assigned before.
i don't understand how i should do that . i want to use serial number to search the details of the particular asset.
can somebody help me for the same. i want suggestions or link which may be helpful for me.
I am attaching some photos of my form to get you an idea for that.


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