Need the grand total pivot table filtered worksheet?



I have created several worksheets that are filtered from my main pivot table
however these worksheets are not giving me a grand total. They will if I ask
to move the column into the values section of the pivot table field list, but
I am also trying to supress zeros. If I move it to value section, all the
zeros appear.



Shane Devenshire


You are using a pivot table with no calculations in the Values area? Please
show us some dummy data and the basic layout of the pivot table. And when
you say worksheets are filtered from the pivot table what do you mean?

The grand total in a pivot table reflects only the unfiltered fields.

Putting a field into the Values section doesn't mean the 0 need to display,
simple right-click anywhere in the pivot table and choose PivotTable Options,
Layout & Format tab, and check For empty cells show, then click OK.

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