I can't see Grand total rows even though the option's switched on



Can anyone help ?
I am creating a Pivot table in Excel 2007 and want to see Totals for columns
and rows.
I have checked both boxes in Options / Totals & Filters/Grand Totals and
also in Design /Grand Totals / On for Rows & Columns but it is only
displaying the Grand Total for columns.

What am I doing wrong ? Be really grateful for any ideas. Thanks



Roger Govier

Hi Rachael

It all depends upon what you have set up as your column Items.
Some things are not additive, and displaying a Grand Total at the end of
the Row would be meaningless.

Can you post a small sample of your source data, and then say what
fields you have allocated to what area of your PT.




is it due to the way the items are showing? Do they look offset or one in
each column? Bring up the Pivot Table Field List and in the Row Lables
section left click once on an item and bring up the Field Settings then you
should see a tab for Subtotals and Filters and make sure it says Automatic.
Then click on the Layout and Print and make sure you check Show item labels
in tabular form.

If this does not work, write back

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