Need suggestions for some uses of Ms Excel


Bible John

In 1997 I took a 3 unit Excel course at a local JC. I earned a "A" in the
course and did many fancy things with Excel. I still have many of my Excel
floppies from those days, but my Excel 95 book is gone.

Since this time I have only really used Excel to calculate my grades (when I
was in school). But sadly I have had little use of Excel in other areas.

I am looking for more usage of Excel. I have a copy of it on my PC,
Handheld PC (Windows CE), Macintosh, and Palm Pilot.

I am thinking about reopening my Computer Consulting Business, but I would
have little use of excel here since like before my main job would be to
troubleshoot operating system issues, installing hardware, etc.. But mostly
my job was operating systems. Clients called me if their computer failed to
boot, they never called me if they had trouble with their excel datasheets.
In such cases they would call an accountant or a Excel consultant.

So let me know what you use Excel for. I could use some ideas. I feel so
guilty not using the full capability of what I learned in that class. Excel
is so powerful. I started on ClarisWorks for the Mac. But excel is like 15
times as powerful as lame AppleWorks.


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to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in
you, with meekness and fear
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