Need help with control display problem



My Vista Ultimate computer (6 month old Toshiba laptop) is not displaying
several things correctly. I'm not sure where to start and could use an
expert opinion.

There are two symptoms I'm aware of. First, in certain programs, the check
boxes are being displayed as all black, regardless of whether they are
checked or not. In other programs, the check boxes are the same color as the
background, i.e. invisible. In both cases, the check boxes work, but you
can't see what you are doing or what the current state of the box is.

Second, the down arrow indicator on certain drop down lists is being
displayed as the number 6. One of these lists is the Vista program bar. For
example, right now I have 3 Windows Explorer windows open. At the bottom of
my screen one of the bars says "3 Windows Explorer" followed by a 6 in a
smaller character size instead of a down arrow.

I can't associate this change with any particular program or upgrade
installation. It's been going on for a couple of week or so, and I think
system restore is not a good solution for me after so much time. I suspect
some control DLL or something like that is corrupted.

Any ideas?



There must be someone up to this challenge! Any ideas? Trying to guess if
the check boxes are checked or not is getting pretty annoying.



I think I've read that if you have a Toshiba that came with a program that
has SMS in the name, uninstalling that program often cures various


I found a solution.

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt (right click and
choose run as administrator)

Enter “sfc /scannowâ€

Let it run and reboot.

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