Need help with a video... please!!



I'm going to do my best in explaining what my problem is but it might sind
confusing ....
I'm working on a slideshow with a bunch of pictures of me and my friends. I
am using a certain song, and I also have a 30 second video of us singing
karaoke to that song (goofy I know). I would like to play the song along with
the pictures, then play the video of us singing the song in the middle, and
then after the video have the song pick back up at the right point.
It kind of sounds like it'd be impossible but I know it can be done because
I made a similar slideshow last year and did the same thing, I just can't
remember how I did it!! But it played the song and the song simply seemed to
be muted during the video and then after the video it was unmuted and picked
right back up at the perfect point. I cannot seem to figure out how I made
this happen.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can offer any help, it would be
GREATLY appreciated! I'm trying to finish this on a deadline. Thank you so

PS. Papa John if you read this, I have been using your site to figure out a
lot of things (including converting my video file) and it has been extremely
helpful, so thank you very much!




Thanks for the comment Jenna,

a things to keep in mind as you do your project....

- you can copy a video file to the audio/music track and Movie Maker will
treat it as an audio file... that lets you put a 2nd copy of the clip in the
project, one to use for the video and the other for the audio

- don't mute any of the clips until you're finished syncing things...
syncing is easy when you use the wave patterns of the two different audio

- cut/trim/insert pictures into the video track as you want.... the sound of
the audio/music track will be what you use.

this too might be confusing... it's easier to do than to describe how to

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