Need help using TV as 2nd monitor



Hi, I am trying to use my TV to view AVI files on my laptop and I can't get
it to work. I am using a s-video cable that converts to 3 red, green, and
blue plugs.. and am using a standard RCA cable to connect from that to my
TV.. my TV does have the red, green and blue plugs in the back. However when
I hook it up I get nothing, and I have set in control panel to use the 2nd
monitor. The video card in my laptop is a ATI radeon xpress 200 series. Do I
need to get a program like ATI Catalyst? is this even possible?

BTW, the adapter cable I am using came with a nvidia video card that I got
for my desktop, but I am trying to use it with my laptop so I can view video
on my TV. Help appreciated

Andrew E.

S-video to RCA is a standard adapter,however ATI adapter like you mention
only has S-video to one yellow RCA jack,no other plugs,which means using
youre audio-out jacks at the same time.Go to radio-shack or similiar (even
large grocery stores have them),get 1/8 inch-Y connector,this lets you plug
in 2 RCA (audio) from pc to use other wire,then back again...Also,for 2
software,download the Windows Media Professional Exhibitor,its specifically
2 or more monitors running of an


OK, Thanks. I got the desktop to display on my TV however it is in black and
white.. any suggestions?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Run through that again will you..... you're using an S-Video cable to
COMPONENT(???) but then downgrading that signal to standard COMPOSITE (RCA)
somepoint before it gets to the tv... that doesn't make any sense at all.

Let's start at the beginning. What imput sockets does the tv have that you
want to use?
Composite (one single and YELLOW) socket
Component (one blue, one green and one red sockets)
S-Video (one multipin socket)

The adapter you are using for the nVidia graphics card sounds like a Video
IN adapter, which is not the same at all as Video OUT!!! It sounds to me
like you should take yourself to your local Best Buy or Frys and buy a
S-Video cable with Audio (RCA, red and white). Remember all the cables
listed above are Video ONLY. you will need to get an adapter for the audio
cable to be a minijack in to your notebook (like you were using a headset)
that the red and white RCA cables will fit into. Or be content with audio
coming out of the notebook speakers.

You can update the graphics drivers for your card at the ATI website.

Use the ones for the Integrated/Motherboard but do the custom install and
just use the Drivers/Catalyst. You probably will not need the
Southbridge/Northbridge parts and if you do install them, it might well be
totally incorrect for your notebook's systemboard.

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