Need help understanding how ipv4 and ipv6 coexist under Windows 7



I'm trying to understand something that happened in our network recently. Current, we're all ipv4 based, but a few machines here and there have ipv6 enabled by mistake. Everything has been working ok, but recently we had somedhcp issues. I'm trying to understand how exactly ipv6 and ipv4 work together.


- if we have workstations with ipv6 enabled but no dhcpv6 servers, does theff02::1:2 multicast address exist on the network? If something starts up adhcpv6 server somewhere, would that explain why several workstations have started sending out dhcpv6 solicit messages?

- If workstations attempt to get an address via dhcpv6 and get no response,will it try the dhcp process with ipv4, or will it just assign a 169.254.*..* address?

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