Need help finding saved pictures, music, etc.



My wife used our home computer yesterday morning. We have a password to get
into Windows XP Home edition as an administrator, and we have no other
accounts. I used the computer an hour before her and it worked fine. She
doesn't remember exactly what happened, but when she went to log on, she
thinks it gave her an error message and then loaded the desktop. The desktop
did not have all of our icons on it, and the picture we used for the
wallpaper was gone, and replaced by the generic one it had when we bought the
computer. She rebooted the computer to try to get our settings back. The
windows password worked fine (and still does), but our icons our still
missing, we cannot find our pictures we had saved, our word documents are
gone, our downloaded music is gone, and our favorites and default home page
on internet explorer are all gone. The default home page is also the one we
had when we bought our computer. When we go to Start, then all programs, we
still have all of the programs we had before the problem occurred. I ran a
virus scan and it said there were none. I tried a system restore and it said
it did not restore because there had been no changes made. Please help me!




Go to control panel/user accounts and see if she accidentally created a new
user account.......if she did the old default administrator acct that you
were using went into "hiding".its still there just hidden and only
accessible by going into safe mode.
If this is the case you can "copy and paste" the admin settings into this
new account under Windows Explorer...its location is usually the C drive
under Documents&settings/user name
By right clicking the start button and then explore all user it takes you to
the location.....look for that new user
If that is not the case get back to us

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