Need DOS Screen Dump or ShftPrtScn



I'm trying to print a graphic from a DOS Screen.

Per prior recommendations, I have reviewed "Print from DOS" by Bruce
Sanderson (good info). I have tried the program "Print Desktop". These
generally don't answer the question.

My program is a DOS program (compiled fortran) with a graphics feature (and
yes it is old). Midway through program execution, the screen is filled with
a graphic plot. The plot does not provide a 'window', taskbar; it only shows
the full screen in a graphic mode.

Normally, in DOS, Windows 3, Windows 95, ME, and 98, a "Shft-Prtscn" (screen
dump), will send the graphic image to the printer, via LPT1.

The problem I have is that Windows XP will not send the graphic to the

I have tweaked the executable file via the "properties misc" parameters.
Also per the compatibility wizard.

I know that something is happening because there is no keyboard responses
for a short period (which is an expected response). On occassion, I can get
a crude printout, but it is random, and not the nice graphic plot that is

Any help?



Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Use Alt-PrtSc to copy the image to your clipboard. Then open a graphic
program like Paint and Paste the image to the program. Then print the




Thank you for the suggestion, though it doesn't work. In the past, I have
tried a variety of programs to paste the image. The image is copied, but it
is pasted in a text format. (I don't have "Paint and Paste".)

In order to do the preceding copy and paste, it is necessary to key Alt-Tab
to select the programs. This is because the graphic is not a 'window',
rather it occupies the whole screen.

I'm still searching for a 'screen dump' to my printer.


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