Need contacts listed by last name



I have tried everything I can think of to get vista windows contacts listed
by last name. It allows me to add a "last name only" column but the name
column is still displayed first name. There is stacking and other things
but it just does not do what was simple and logical in outlook express
address book. Outlook express address book listed simply by last name if
you wanted it that way and listed by last name in new email when choosing
who to send to. The simple and obvious way. How do I get vista windows
contacts to do the simple and obvious thing and list by last name?

When I create a new email in vista windows mail and choosing whom to send it
to is listed by first name. I double click the names column heading and it
lists by last name. I hope it stays that way. That does not work in vista
windows contacts when I open it.

Thanks for the help



In the Contacts folder?
Change the View to Details.
Right-click on the Name column heading, click on First Name, then click on
Last Name
Click on the Last Name heading to sort by that, or click on First Name
heading to sort by that.

Or in a Create Mail window?
Click on To:
Click on the Name column heading... it cycles thru 4 different sorts

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