Need a Word (for Mac) Expert!



I am running Word X for Mac. I have an ENTIRE BOOK, the font of which I would
like to change from Times New Roman to Garamond. I bought the Garamond font
and it looks great. The PROBLEM is when i go to change the font for the whole
book, the program also wants me to specify the font style (regular, ital.,
bold, etc.) and this would mean, if I chose regular, I would have to go over
the WHOLE BOOK and re-bold and re-ital. everything. I'm wondering if there's
a way to maintain the stylized words in the book yet change the basic font.
Thank you, and please reply here! (e-mail address removed)




What are you doing to make the change? I doubt that MacWord is _that_
different from WinWord!

Ideally, all your Styles are based ultimately on Normal, so if you
change the font in that style, everything else will change.

If you don't care about how your document is set up and won't be
needing to do any more formatting work on it, you could locate the
Font Substitution control, substitute Gar. for TNR, and click the
"make this change permanent" button.




I'm guessing here because although it's clear what you want to do it isn't
at all clear how you're trying to do it :)

If you have used Styles in the construction of the document you'd need only
modify your Styles to use Garamond rather than TNR, but it doesn't sound
like you're familiar with Styles & have relied exclusively on direct
formatting. I would further guess that having purchased Garamond that the
font package includes several different typefaces [Bold, Italic, Semi-Bold,
etc.]. If you're selecting all the text then going to one of the Font lists
to make the change those faces are being offered in a submenu & perhaps
that's what you mean by "...the program also wants me to specify". Just
select Garamond from the main Font list & ignore the variants in the
submenu. Your text will retain the attributes you've applied.

The suggestion from grammatim should also provide the desired result.

If my guess is wrong you'll need to provide a much more explicit description
of the situation, but I'd suggest you do so in the Forum for Word on the Mac
rather than here. If you're using a newsreader the group address is:

or you can use a web interface such as Google Groups or the one provided at
the Mactopia web site:

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