Can't find the italics form of my font




I have regular, italics, and bold installed of Agarammond font. I can see
the regular and the bold available in the drop down window of Word 2007. I
can't see the Italics form even though it's installed in the fonts folder.

I tried deleting the regular form and re-installing the italics. I opened
my document and all the "regular" fonts changed into italics. So, I think
that means the italics is there and being read? The font in the drop down
window said "Agaramond" implying it was regular but the entire text was in
italics and the "I" was not darkenened implying that it was using the italics
font set and just not slanting the regular font into looking italics. This
happened because I deleted the regular agaramond from the folder.

When I re installed the regular agaramond, everything reverted back to the
original state. I still can not get the italics set. I can only chose the
"I" thing and this looks different than chosing the italics set.

When I move my document to my MAC, it shows that I am not using the italics
set but the "I". I can use the italics set on my Mac (Word 2004)

Bascially, I am preparing a document for publishing commercially and I want
to use the italics SET on my document and not the "I" but can't seem to find
the font set in my office 2007. I need to use my windows computer to
finalize the document because my adobe acrobat to generate a .pdf is on my
windows but not on my mac.

sorry to be so long winded. I read about the drivers issue and I am pretty
sure I have my printers drivers installed. I even asked office 2007 to use
everything from my computer so it's not a computer sharing issue?




Graham Mayor

The various versions of an installed font should not be separately listed in
the fonts drop down. Only the main font name. The Regular, Bold, Italic and
Bold Italic versions are applied (when available) when the 'I' or 'B' or I &
B indicators are checked.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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In my drop down menu I have agaramond and agaramond Bold. Where is the
agaramond italic? If what you say is true, then I shouldn't have the
agaramond bold showing either.

When I bring my document from windows word to mac word, the mac word tells
me that the italics are just the "I" and not the italics font set. I can
then choose agarmond italics on my mac and change it to the italics font set
I want and it looks different than when I first opened it with the "I" from
windows 2007.

Then, when I bring that document from my mac back to windows, in the drop
down window is agarmond italics! but it still doesn't appear on the list of
choices in the drop down menu below but what is showing on my screen looks
like courier.

How can I have confidence that my document is really using the italics font
set in word 2007 on my windows pc when my mac says differently?

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