my valid product key does not work for outlook 2007



i installed office 2007 with a valid product key. word, excel, etc. works
fine without asking for a product key. every time i open outlook it ask me
to start the business wizard, i close the wizard and then it asks me for a 25
digit product key. i enter the valid product key i used when i installed
office in the first place and it says it is invalid you have x times to use
outlook . . .

anyone else having this problem? and how to fix it. thanks in advance.

BillR [MVP]

It sounds like Outlook BCM is trying to run. You'll need a key for Outlook
You *might* be able to remove the BCM data file from you profile via the
Mail icon in Control Panel.


Probably by uninstalling all versions of office, including the trial
together with an activation assistant, rebooting & reinstalling from media

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