Outlook 2007 Product Key Invalid?


Sarah T.

I just reformatted my laptop, and decided that I would try out Outlook 2007.
It was already on my computer when I purchased it. It asked me to input my 25
character PRODUCT KEY, and since I didn't have a CD case, I tried typing in
the key that was on my Certificate of Authenticity. It was invalid.

So, I thought, well.. I just won't use Outlook anymore. BUT, Outlook had
imported ALL my email messages from my university email address. I logged on
to my email, and noticed that ALL my uni-email messages were deleted from my
account, and not even in the trash bin... yet... all the messages were safe
in Outlook.

I NEED to figure this out before I lose ALL my email I've ever received!

Where do I find the CORRECT, and VALID Product Key before I use Outlook over
25 times, and I can't access the emails anymore?


The Office version installed on your PC was probably a trial, and as such
contact the supplier to ask where they put the activation key
In Outlook, set the account to leave a copy on the server.
Assuming Office is a trial, and you dont plan on purchasing Office:-
You will have either Outlook Express, or Windows Mail on your laptop,
configure either & Import your Mail & Contacts from Outlook.

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