Windows XP My mouse icon gets "stuck" on a single image

Feb 27, 2008
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Good morning all. First, about my computer:

T61 Lenovo Thinkpad
Windows XP SP 2
Norton Antivirus
Both SpyBot and Lavasoft's AdAware
Connection via LAN or Cable modem
2 Gig of Ram
150 Gig HD
2.9 GHz processor

Now, the problem: On occasion my mouse icon gets stuck on a single image. For example, right now, instead of an arrow, it's stuck on the four way directional icon. It doesn't change when you mouse over a link, it doesn't change to the hourglass to indicate the system is working, it doesn't change at all. It just sits there as the four directional arrow. Upon restarting I can clear the problem. I can also clear it by going to the mouse control panel and selecting a new schema, but it's only a matter of time before it gets stuck again. I'm not yet sure, but it seems there may be a correlation to the occurrence of the problem and the use of Microsoft Office products.

Has anyone seen this before?




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