My Excel operates as if Ctrl is always depressed. Help!



Somehow I pressed and held the Ctrl key down too long (I guess) and now Excel
operates as if I am always holding it down. PgUp & PgDn take me to the next
worksheet, arrows take me to the next cell with a number in it etc.

How can I get it back to normal?




Bob Bridges

Whenever this sort of thing happens to me - and come to think of it it hasn't
happened in quite a while, perhaps since I switched to Win XP - I found that
I could reset it just by hitting the suspect keys. That is, if a <Ctrl>
seemed to be held down, I hit both <Ctrl> keys, one after the other. If I
wasn't sure, I just hit all the <Shift>, <Ctrl> and <Alt> keys, one after the
other, and it usually fixed the problem. YMMV...

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