Mutiple Tabbed Mutiple Browser



SuperBrowser Ver. 1.4
Mutiple Tabbed Mutiple Browser
High Performance High Definition Browser.
Free 30 Day Timed Version, (WebSite) link Below GUI Images.
High Performance High definition Media viewer.
Including the new MPEG-4 AVC H.264 Video.
FullScreen and Normal Movie Media viewing.
(All Movie and Picture Types).
Picture Types in the Picturebox, Browser and RTF TextBox.
RTF Text Editing Editor.
Quad Drive Special File Explorer.
Programmable Google Map Functions.
Programmable Radio Station Reciever.
AM FM LW SW Depending on site URL.
For Viewing URL's, Media, Files, RTF, Images, Maps, Etc.
Instantly Shift to other sites for Stocks, Racing Info Etc.
(Monitor the Stock market, horse Races in one tab
And Place Bets with the other tab for instant Comparisons).
Instant Delivery Via file Attachment with Paypal Payment.
(See Payment Link Below GUI Images).

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