music folders.. this might be impossible but...



See if anyone can figure this one out. I'm trying to have my music
folder show large artist icons, artists folders to show large album
icons. but when I click on an album I would like to see details of the
tracks. Is there anyway to do this for my entire music folder (175
gigs)? Or do I have to do this all by hand. Am I dreaming. Thanks in
advance. Jason


OK, this is a guess, but I assume that your folders are arranged
\Music\<Artist>\<Album>. The magic of this is that there are two views,:

The Music folder itself is displayed with the Pictures and videos Setting
(Large album icons)
All subfolders are viewed as Music Details (Details settings)

If I am correct, to solve your problem, you would have to go into the Music
folder, and for each folder (not subfolder):
1) Right click, choose properties
2) Choose the customise tab
3) Choose music icons from the dropdown. make sure that apply this template
to all subfolders is NOT selected.
4) Hit OK and you're done.

I have tried it with the more obvious CTRL+A, but that doesn't seem to work
too well. Hopefully you have more albums than artists .

That should give you the setup that you describe. A bit more work than you
really should have to do, but it does fix that problem.

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