WRONG Vista Folder Options in File Explore Bar



OK. For a while now, Vista thinks ALL my folders are either music folder or
Photo folders so I get Music or Photo related information in the explorer bar
such as
Burn instead of New Folder

And the list shows Artist, Album, Genre, Date taken. Instead of Creation
Date, type, size and so on.

It's driving my nuts. I can't work like this.

How do I change all my folder so it shows the standard "PC Geek Tools and
infomation" and not the


That was somwahat useful.

Chages did not affect c:\ even though it states chaging the Users willl also
affect c:\

Since the option is not available in c:\

That takes care of the list...

The other half of the problem is the tool bar. It's still showing Play or
burn instead of New Folder


Yes, You cannot access the feature in the root. But the tut says if you do it
in Users and "Apply to sub folder" c:\ will also change... It did not.

So C:\ has Artist, album,.. in the list
Burn and Play all in the too bar...

c:\Users still has the Burn option.

I'm 75% sure that burn option replaced a function I used to click all the
time... New Folder option... Perhaps I'm mistaking... It's been so long. My
memory tells me the lost of the feature made me notice the folder screw ups.
that was long ago though.

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