Multiple Select




I would like to select multiple results within a filter within a spreadsheet
with multiple columns.

There are three ways that I know of the create a custom filter:

I can use the AutoFilter option and use the dropdowns to filter out one item
at a time. – too few.

I also can create a Pivot Table, pull all the columns over, and then use the
drop downs to choose multiple results. A lot of work, as I am creating the
pivot table just so I can select choose multiple dropdown options.

I can create a custom filter, and select at most 2 results using the And/Or
command, but no more.

Does anyone know if there is there a way to filter out more than 2 options,
and not have to go to the trouble to create a pivot table?


Eric in FL



Bob Phillips

Yes, add a helper column with a conditional formula that returns TRUE for
rows that meet both criteria, and filter on this column.



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