Multiple listboxes to update pivot table?




I have a listbox that when selected, update the pivot table (change the
variable pivot field called "Machine") based on the selection on the listbox.
This part is working great. But I also have another variable field called
"Workcenter" that would like to filter into the pivot, but don't know how.

On the pivot table, there are multiple machines in a Workcenter. What I want
is when I select the workcenter, it pivot the data for the selected
workcenter, but I also select the machine number, it also filter the pivot
table based on both the workcenter and machine. How do I make this in a
Listbox option.
All I can think of is create another listbox for Workcenter, but don't know
the code to tie all this into the pivot table.

Thanks for any help.

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