Multiple Reminders


Mark A. Dudley

I have a group of users that when Out of Office send calendar
invitations, sometimes to multiple DL's, sometimes to the entire
company. Small company of about 30 users a mix of Outlook 2003 and
2007. Today one Admin of a VP sent an out of office Calendar invite
to a few DL's, and everyone she sent it to got about 15 reminders

Has anyone ever seen this behavior? Is there a way to correct this?
It turned out to be a really big issue.. The Admin in question has
Outlook 2007 and she sent it from her boss's calendar from her PC.
These users use their calendars for everything, especially for the
execs, whose calendars are full of meetings every day.

Exchange version is 2003.



Roady [MVP]

Your post is confusing mainly because of the terminology that you use;
when Out of Office send calendar invitations
The Out of Office Assistant (OOF) doesn't send out calendar invitations. The
OOF only replies with a pre-written message when enabled and when a message
comes in.

Also, what do you mean with "Calendar invitations"? Do you mean a meeting
and everyone she sent it to got about 15 reminders
Did they receive the message 15 times or did the Reminders Window pop-up
with 15 reminders of this meeting? How many times is it listed in the

Assuming you meant a meeting request;
This can occur when people have configured each other as a delegate and have
the option selected to send meeting requests to the delegate as well.
Combine that with rules (either via normal rules or additional rules for the
OOF) to forward the messages to somebody else and you can easily recreate
the situation that you are in now.

Have them verify these settings and make exceptions when needed (especially
on forwarding rules).

Mark A. Dudley

Your post is confusing mainly because of the terminology that you use;

Yes sorry for the confusion. You are correct is not OOF but a meeting
invite that servers as a message to the rest of the staff as to where
they will be.

I will follow up with them, but I am almost certain that they are
getting multiple reminders, not duplicate calendar entries.

Also multiple Admits take care of multiple Execs and more that one
Admin is a delegate for these Execs. These folks seem to be use heir
calendars more than most, and I have set up a public folder calendar
for these types of events.




I have this same issue and wonder if anyone in your office syncing using a
PDA like device. I have an iphone and it seems as though everytime I
read/delete the invite it gets resent to the recipients. Perhaps you are
experiencing the same problem? Here is a post about some others experiences
with the iphone.

It doesn't solve the problem but could be useful in pinpointing the cause.

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