Accepting meetings as a delegate



I am a delegate of my managers so any meeting requests she receives are
copied to me so I can accept them. Once I have accepted them how does she
know I've done that? At the moment she only receives the original meeting
invite but even that doesn't tell her what I've done. The only way she can
tell is if she goes into her calendar. We are on outlook 2007




Amelia, make sure your manager has set you up to do this:
In Outlook, in the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Delegates tab, you should be in the list of delegates. Click your
name to select it, and under "Deliver meeting requests addressed to me and
responses to meeting requests..." make sure to select the button for "My
delgates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me." (See

If that doesn't help, you could try setting up a rule that CCs your manager
whenever you send a message with a subject that includes the words
"Accepted:", "Declined:", "Tentative:", or "New Time Proposed:". (Note the
colon to better help distinguish meeting responses from subjects that happen
to use the words.) You'd set up this rule when you're accessing your
manager's Outlook.

Hope this helps.




have her look in the gray box at the tope of the invitation. I may say
"Accepted by so-and-so on . . . "

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