multiple PC accessing Front end asp/ web pages to Access Databas



Hi , I have an access data base housed on our company server with a frontend
web page written in ASP / SQL statements ..

The pages work fine if one person / PC is accessing it , but not if
multiile people are .. I assume this is a problem with maybe my Openconn
statement ?

Set objConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConnection.Open "driver={Microsoft Access Driver

Sylvain Lafontaine

First, you shouldn't use Access/JET for a web site; use SQL-Server Express
instead if possible.

Second, you shouldn't use and ODBC provider instead of an OLEDB provider
with ADO unless you don't have the choice.

Even in the case of an OLEDB provider, when using Access on a web seerver,
you should put the ADO into single threaded mode (or apartment threaded
mode) instead of multithreaded (or free or both-threaded mode) by using the
makapt15.bat (or adoapt15.reg) file located on C:\Program Files\Common
but this will reduce the performance of all of your ADO applications. On
more recent versions of Windows, the makapt15.bat file has another name but
it's located at the same place.

Notice that even with all these precautions, you can still have some problem
if you have people directly accessing the backend Access database (using
Access as the frontend) at the same time as the web server.

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
MVP - Windows Live Platform
Email: sylvain2009 sylvainlafontaine com (fill the blanks, no spam please)
Independent consultant and remote programming for Access and SQL-Server

Paul Shapiro

I would definitely agree with the advice to use SQL Server Express for web
data rather than an .mdb. But you didn't say what your issue is. If your
immediate problem is that the web data is readonly with multiple users,
verify that the web server account has the ability to create and delete
files in the folder containing the Access db. It needs to create the .ldb
file for writing data. If you never have more than a few simultaneous users,
the Access database might still meet your needs.

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