multiple logins


Steve Ragsdale

I am trying toconnect to my company computer running win
2003 terminal server. i am using 2 computers at home with
win xp pro on both. I have a dsl connection with a d-link
router di-614. i have been told that you have to change
the port number to have 2 connections through a router
because remote desktop loks the port through the tunnel
when it connects which stops the second remote desktop
session from connecting. i am using 2 different logins on
both the vpn tunnel and the remote desktop into terminal
Another way to fix this is if i can monitor 2 different
ports with the terminal server besides the 3389 port. Can
windows 2003 terminal server monitor 2 different ports at
the same time?




Drew Hammond [MSFT]

There unfortunately isn't a way to have TS monitor 2 different ports at

After you've connected with one client, what happens when you connect with
the second client? it never connects? Can you connect twice through the
same vpn tunnel?

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