Multiple groups per main key


Terry K

I am trying to set up a report (so far unsuccessfully....). 3 tables:
company, contacts, policies with company name as primary key. I want the
report to show:

Company Name
Useful Info
Contact #1
Useful Info
Contact #2
Useful Info
Policy #1
Useful Info
Policy #2
Useful Info

I have set up group headers for contact and policy. If there is only one
policy & one contact - no problem; one policy & multiple contacts - no
problem; multiple policies and multiple contacts, the contacts are repeating
under each policy. Help!

Duane Hookom

I assume the Contacts are not related to Policies. If this is true, you need
at least one subreport. Consider removing the Policies from the report's
record source and creating a Policy subreport to place in the Company footer

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