Struggling! Please help!

Jun 12, 2012
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I'm a beginner at Access and I can't seem to find the correct answer on any other forum online.

I have a Call Report form that fills in three tables - Company Register (fills in the Company Name), Contact Register (fills in all of the contact details of the person from the call report) and the Call Report table itself, which comprises things like the date, time etc. The issue I'm having is when there are multiple Call Reports completed for the same company eg. Rio Tinto. Instead of the Company Register filling in Rio Tinto once (say under Company ID - this is the primary key and an autonumber), it does it twice giving it the Company IDs 1 and 2. How to I get Access to identify that Rio Tinto already exists and just have it with the unique identifier?

The Company ID table is linked to the Contact Register which is in turn linked to the Call Report table.

Thanks in advance

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