Multiple Access to database via asp



I have a database (Access 2000). I access it via a webpage (asp) to present
a report page. Multiple people can open the database directly, but when
trying to run the asp file via the web, only one user can get the correct
page. Everyone else receives:

A problem was encountered while connecting to name.mdb
Error source: MicroSoft JET Database Engine
Error description: Could not use";file already in use
Error Number: -2147467259

I cannot tell if it is how I am trying to connect to the database or how the
database is structured. I inherited this project from someone I can no
longer contact.

We have a button on the page that opens a separate window and actually opens
the database. The default mode for the database is "Shared", so several
people should be able to open it at once. Are you saying that if someone
opens the database, the asp page won't be able to access it?

The database is located on the server with the web files. This worked on
a different network, but when they moved to this one we started having all
these problems. The page provided an option to actually edit the database
and we had no problems before. When the database is accessed via the asp
code, is it supposed to "lock" the database? It seems to me it was
supposed to open the page, present the report (sorted however the user
wants), then release the database for the next person. Does this sound right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Douglas J. Steele

The security context under which ASP runs (typically IUSR_<nameofmachine>)
must have the appropriate access to the folder in which the MDB file exists.
(Read, Write, eXecute, Delete)


Thank you. After reading your response, I looked into the permissions for
the "anonymous" accounts (IUSR_server) and did notice they do not have the
permissions you list. I will check with my systems guys to see if I can get
that changed. Since this deals with asp AND Access, I posted the same
question to the "FrontPage" group. They seem to think that if someone has
opened the database via Access (i.e., went straight to the file versus via
the webpage), then the asp will not be able to access the database to build
the page. If that is the case, then is there a way around this?

Douglas J. Steele

Assuming the permissions are set up correctly, it shouldn't matter how
people access the MDB file.


Okay, everyone went to lunch but me, so I tried the asp page. It worked.
Other people can open the page as well. If I open the front end, still no
problems. Once I open the back end to actually edit data, the page no longer
loads. It created a separate lock file for the back end and I am the only
one in the database and/or on the asp. Obviously, I have permission to see
the page, but I get the "in use" message referenced at the beginning. It
looks like I may have to do a procedural workaround, having them make a
backup of the database, then linking the page to the backup.

I thought I remembered reading something about if the lock file cannot lock
individual records, it will lock the whole file. I think this would prevent
the page from accessing the mdb, but again, I'm new to most of this. I don't
know how to allow it to lock only individual records.

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