MSN MESENGER/WINDMESGER? Can I use the same acct/



I have used windows messenger for a long time, a friend wants me to use
video chat, but I need the newest version of msn messenger.
Can I use the same acct for MSN messenger, when I went to sign it wanted me
to use a 6 password, my hotmail acct is less, but I it says I can use the
same acct?
Is there another newsgropu for msn messenger?
I go to create credentials, and want to use my acct, but it has
like i say 6 character minimum. I have a feeling this is going to mess up my
acct. or/and my windows messenger?




Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Bruce,

Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger operate on the same network (the .NET Messenger network),
with the same user names and passwords. As such, you can login to MSN Messenger exactly the
same way you log into Windows Messenger. Don't create a new account, just use the same one.

However if you want to avoid all the hassle, be aware that both clients are still compatible,
your friend is just initiating the "wrong" type of video request. If you initiate the video
request from Windows Messenger, then he still should to accept it (assuming he's using XP).
Jonathan Kay
Microsoft MVP - Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger
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