MSIMG32.DLL seems to have gone missing (Windows 2000)



I am running Windows 2000 Pro and recently had to reinstall/rebuild from
scratch. After loading Windows + all other necessary software, a massive
Windows update was downloaded and installed (65 updates). After this, I get
an error message stating "MSIMG32.DLL not expected location..."
about 15 times upon startup and when
(attempting) to print or run Adobe apps and a bunch of other software.

I've found a file on the Win2000 install CD called MSIMG32.DL_. Is this the
file I need? Do I need to unpack it or can I just copy it into
C:\WINNT\system32\ folder (is this even the right location for it to
ultimately reside)?

Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!


Gorka Miranda


You should copy this file to c:\windows\system32 and rename it with the
extension DLL. After that, go to start, run, and execute the following
regsvr32 msimg32.dll


Gorka Miranda

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