msi simple question please



Can someone please advise:

I have put out office through msi / GPO many times before
with no problem, so I must be overlooking something really
simple this time. I am getting this message saying:

"could not verify path is a network location. If this
package is not available from a network share, clients
will not be able to install it. Are you sure you want to

If I say yes and deploy it anyway then when I log in as a
user it is assigned to, it fails saying share location
could not be found.

The message comes up when creating the GPO at the point
when you point to the msi file.

This is Win 2000. The package is Office. The msi is data1.
Deployment is to users through user config, software
settings. Administrative install was done into share
location with no problem. Share location is accessable
from any workstation or server both before and after
attempting to create this GPO. The only thing I can think
of that is different than past deployments is that I am
trying to deply to users through user config instead of to
computers throgh computer config.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Cary Shultz

-----Original Message-----
That usually means that you are not specifying the UNC path to the share
where the msi is located. Are you using a UNC name such as
\\server\apps\office.msi? If not give that a try.

Tim Hines, MCSE, MCSA
Windows 2000 Directory Services

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I second that! 100% not using the UNC...


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